Confederate Cavalry in the Battle of Nashville at November’s Round Table

On Sunday, January 8th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will present author and historian Ross Massey, who will speak on ConfederateGeneral James Chalmers and his cavalry at the December 1864 Battle of Nashville.

Major General James R. Chalmers and his seasoned division of cavalry fought along Charlotte Pike on the first day of the battle. On the second day his troops played an important role in the final actions along Hillsboro and Granny White Pikes and in the Otter Creek area.

Massey grew up in Nashville, walking the Nashville battlefield as a child. As an adult he has initiated the preservation of several key locations such as the earthworks at Bells’ Bend and Granbury’s Lunette, both now part of the Metro Nashville Parks system. In the early 1990’s he was a founding member of the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society which has been instrumental in preserving and interpreting many Nashville sites such as Fort Negley and Shy’s Hill. Massey has also appeared on A&E and The History Channel.

Massey’s Nashville Battlefield Guide is considered a key source for historians and tourists alike when visiting the city’s key battleground areas. He is currently working on a soon to be released book about Chalmer’s key role in the battle.