“Tennesseans at Chimborazo” at June Round Table

On Sunday, June 11th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will present Virginia historian Art Wingo, who will be speak on Richmond’s Chimborazo Hospital and the Tennesseans treated there.

Chimborazo was one of the most famous and efficient of Confederate hospitals and treated almost 80,000 troops from Tennessee and five other Southern states.  Located in Richmond, Virginia, it had a mortality rate of about 9%, one of the lowest of any period hospital. Wingo will display a detailed model of the hospital, and speak about the Confederate hospital system in general.

Art Wingo is a long time member of the Richmond (VA) Civil War Round Table and a Master Volunteer with the National Park Service. He has worked at the Chimborazo Civil War Medical Museum of Richmond Battlefield National Park. 

The event is free to the public. The Franklin Civil War Round Table is an educational program of Franklin’s Charge, and meets each month at Carnton Plantation's Fleming Center, 1345 Eastern Flank Circle. For more information, email fcwrt@yahoo.com, or visit http://www.franklinscharge.org/the-round-table.