“Grits to Glory” at November Round Table

On Sunday, November 11th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will host award-winning author, musician, historian and journalist Joe Johnston, who will present “Grits to Glory.”

Johnston will relate how the South and its cuisine rose to glory after being destroyed during the Civil War. Three major things came together to create today’s Southern cuisine: the post-war burden of poverty, memories of former slaves and traditions of Native Americans. Johnston will present interesting examples of our food “evolution” such as what Colonel Sanders and General John Hunt Morgan have in common, why oysters and bananas are Southern and which American Indian foods are in our kitchens now.

A native of Missouri, Johnston has published numerous books, and has worked nationally in marketing, music production and film. He was the inventor of the famous McDonald’s Happy Meal. Johnston will have copies of his book, Grits to Glory: How Southern Cookin’ Got So Good, for purchase.

The event is free to the public. The Franklin Civil War Round Table is an educational program of Franklin’s Charge, and meets each month at Carnton’s Fleming Center, 1345 Eastern Flank Circle. For more information, email fcwrt@yahoo.com, or visit https://www.franklinscharge.org/the-round-table.