“How the War of 1812 Set the Stage for 1860” at Noovember Round Table

On Sunday, November 10th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will host local author Tony L. Turnbow who will present “How the War of 1812 Set the Stage for 1860.”

Although Andrew Jackson died sixteen years before the Civil War, Old Hickory would build on military and diplomatic skills he honed in the War of 1812.These skills would come into play in the decades to follow, such as during the Nullification Movement in which South Carolina chose to ignore federal law pertaining to tariffs. Jackson said one state trying to annul a law of the United States was “incompatible with the existence of the Union” and in 1833 prepared to use military force, if needed, to enforce the tariffs. Jackson also spoke about the need to keep the Union solvent and under one system of laws.

Turnbow has studied the history of the Old Natchez Trace for over thirty years and has written a full-length play about the mysterious death of explorer Meriwether Lewis. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee and practices law in Franklin.  He has served on various boards including the Natchez Trace Parkway Association and the Lewis and Clark Trust Inc.

Turnbow recently released, “Hardened to Hickory: The Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson’s Life” which one reviewer said is “original and thrillingly dramatic.” This work explores the complex issues of dealing with foreign powers and the various Indian tribes in the formative years of our nation. He will have books on hand and will be signing after his presentation.


The event is free to the public. The Franklin Civil War Round Table is an educational program of Franklin’s Charge, and meets each month at Carnton Plantation's Fleming Center, 1345 Eastern Flank Circle. For more information, email fcwrt@yahoo.com, or visit http://www.franklinscharge.org/round-table